ESPN brings Apple's handy single sign-on tool to its iOS apps

The sports network also added Chromecast to its main app.

When it comes to streaming apps that are tied to a cable subscription, having to sign in repeatedly can become a bit of a chore. ESPN has updated its main app and WatchESPN with Apple's single sign-on feature so you only have to enter your cable log-in once and it gets populated across the sport network's software for any device connected to iCloud. While WatchESPN has had the ability to beam the action to your TV with Chromecast for a while now, that main ESPN app also gains the functionality with this new version.

The ESPN app now has a picture-in-picture mode so you can continue tapping around to access other news and stats while you watch. There's also a new "enhanced" golf leaderboard with more even more info and a dedicated Australian edition for all the AFL coverage you need. The updated versions of both apps are available now via the iTunes App Store links down below.