'Overwatch' rings in the Lunar New Year with capture the flag

Of course, there are new skins up for grabs too.

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'Overwatch' rings in the Lunar New Year with capture the flag

Shortly after the hit hero shooter Overwatch launched last May, fans were treated to a slew of new character models themed for the upcoming 2016 Brazil Summer Olympics. That was just the beginning of Blizzard's extra content train, as they released more for Halloween and Christmas. Last week, they teased new stuff to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, which all goes live today. Players will be excited for the new skins, but the real win is the addition of a long-awaited capture the flag mode to the game.

As usual, there are new skins to enjoy, some garbed in traditional Chinese formal wear and adorned with celebratory accoutrements (read: Junkrat has firecrackers). Others are dressed up as characters from Journey To The West, which Blizzard paired an animated scroll depicting them in their roles from the celebrated Chinese novel. And Overwatch finally gets CTF, inaugurating this year's new Chinese zodiac animal with rooster-clad pennants. Unfortunately, the studio blog post only lists it as a temporary brawl, so we might see the multiplayer mode go away for a bit after the event ends.

The event runs from now until February 13th, when all those awesome skins get retired forever. Likewise, sister Lunar New Year celebrations in World of Warcraft and Heroes Of The Storm end on February 4th and 14th, respectively. Good luck!

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