Kickstarter acquires live streaming company Huzza

The Kickstarter Live creator is now owned by the crowdfunding giant.

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Tom Regan
February 1st, 2017
Kickstarter acquires live streaming company Huzza

Kickstarter today announced that it has purchased Huzza, the live-streaming startup that helped create Kickstarter Live. Like Twitch for creators, Live is a video platform that helps facilitate Q+As and connect people asking for money to people that have it. According to Kickstarter, 74 percent of creators who stream on the platform get funded, with the average viewer spending over 16 minutes watching livestreams.

Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Justin Womersely and Nick Smit, Huzza has swiftly struck the big time. The acquisition implies that live video will be a key part of the company's crowdfunding platform moving forward. Huzza's co-founders will head up a new Kickstarter office based in Vancouver, Canada, where they'll lead a team of engineers that will continue to develop Kickstarter Live.

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