'Overwatch's' new hero is a badass robot centaur

Orisa has four legs and a gatling gun.

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has unveiled the 24th addition to its popular online shooter Overwatch, and no it's not Doomfist (Sorry, Terry Crews!). Overwatch's new hero is Orisa, a four-legged robot built by an 11-year-old engineering prodigy to protect the people of Numbani, and she looks pretty badass.

Orisa is the sixth tank in Overwatch's lineup. Her kit includes a rapid-fire Fusion Driver -- a gun that sacrifices movement speed for good range and accuracy; a graviton charge that slows and attracts nearby enemies; a Fortify ability that reduces damage and makes her unstoppable for a short time; and a stationary Protective Barrier that shields allies. Plus, she has an ultimate ability, Supercharger, that increases the damage dealt by her entire team.

In a developer update, game director Jeff Kaplan says the team wanted to create a character similar to the hammer-and shield-wielding Reinhardt. "Because he doesn't have a lot of mobility abilities, and because he has that protective barrier in front of him, you sort of know where to position yourself, and when the team is gonna engage or disengage based upon what Reinhardt is doing," he says. "So, we like this idea of what we kept calling an 'anchor tank' and we felt like players needed more options in that sort of anchor tank role."

Orisa is available on Overwatch's test server. There's no word yet on when she'll go live in the game.