SpaceX releases video of its historic reused rocket landing

Making it look easy.

NASA via Getty Images

SpaceX made history last week when it successfully relaunched a previously-used rocket back into orbit (recovering the $6 million nosecone was just gravy). That rocket body could potentially be used yet again, given how spryly it set down on its drone barge, the Of Course I Still Love You, after delivering its SES-10 vehicle payload, if the company's Instagram post from Wednesday is any indication.

This marks the sixth successful landing by the Falcon 9 rocket. The company had suffered a significant setback last September when one of its rockets suffered a critical failure and exploded on the launchpad, a misstep that cost SpaceX $50 million for the lost payload alone. However, the company recovered, regained its space launch credentials and rebooted its launch schedule earlier this year. SpaceX has since promised to execute launches every two weeks and will reportedly attempt to land the Falcon Heavy's upper stage later this year.