NVIDIA's Titan Xp is the new king of graphics cards

NVIDIA also (finally) unveiled Mac OSX beta drivers for its latest GPUs.


Much to the consternation of last-gen Titan X owners, NVIDIA recently unveiled the GTX 1080 Ti, a GPU that offers more performance for nearly half the price. Luckily, rich gamers can regain bragging rights by dropping another $1,200 on the Titan Xp, NVIDIA's new top-of-the-line consumer GPU. It's based on the Pascal GP102 chip, which also powers NVIDIA's $5,000-plus Quadro P6000, so you can look at the Titan Xp as a relative bargain.

The new card uses 3,840 unlocked CUDA cores, besting the 3,584 in the 1080 Ti. It still packs 12GB of GDDR5X RAM, the same as the last model, but does so at 11.4GHz, up from 10GHz before. That helps it push pixels and voxels at 547.7 GB/s, up from 480GB/s, enough speed to let it handle Crysis as if it were Candy Crush.

The new card re-establishes Titan as NVIDIA's flagship, pushing back that usurper, the GTX 1080i. However, the latter $699 card is still the one you want unless money is simply no object -- it's fairly easy to overclock it to the same performance level of the Titan Xp if you need that to feel better about yourself.

There's another piece of good news from NVIDIA coming along with the new card. It's about to launch beta OSX drivers for all 10-series cards, including the Titan Xp, GTX 1080 Ti, GTX 1070 and GTX 1060, finally giving Mac users access to NVIDIA's latest products. That will be especially helpful for Adobe CC users on Mac, allowing for much faster CUDA GPU rendering. The NVIDIA Xp is now available on NVIDIA's site for $1,200 (£1,179.00 in the UK), but is limited to two per customer.