Watch 'Citizenfour' team's WikiLeaks doc this summer on Showtime

'Risk' will first have a theatrical release, then head to the network.

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Peter Nicholls / Reuters
Peter Nicholls / Reuters

There haven't been any shortage of documentaries about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, but the one we've kept a keen eye on is from filmmaker Laura Poitras. You might remember her as the director of the the Edward Snowden documentary Citizenfour and as one of the 150 filmmakers calling for camera encryption. As it happens, Risk will see a theatrical release, but this summer the film will be available on the small screen thanks to Showtime, Variety reports.

The Sam Esmail-executive-produced (Mr. Robot) film has been in production for some six years, and apparently is being updated to include WikiLeaks' role in the 2016 election. For a chilling sneak peek -- Poitras is heard describing coming home to her apartment door being open -- check out the new trailer embedded below.

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