VW aims to move past scandals with another self-driving EV

This time, it's a coupe and SUV crossover.


Volkswagen really, really wants to prove that it's moving past its diesel emissions scandal, and to that end it's unveiling yet another electric car concept following the I.D. and I.D. Buzz. This third model will be VW's first crossover EV, blending a "four-door coupé" with an SUV. The automaker isn't saying much about the crossover in its teaser, but it's promising a self-driving feature that retracts the steering wheel into an all-digital cockpit.

You'll get the full scoop on the third I.D. at Auto Shanghai, which kicks off April 19th.

As with the other prototypes, the CUV is a statement of purpose. VW wants to fully embrace EVs by 2020 (not to mention autonomous driving by 2025), and that means having a whole stable of mainstream models rather than one or two niche cars. While you're not going to see these exact models in dealerships, it's reasonable to presume that they're a hint as to what VW wants to put into production.