The next Moto Z Force will revive the headphone jack

Lenovo is reversing the trend of ditching old-school audio ports.


We wouldn't blame you if you thought that the Moto Z and Z Force ushered in the death of the headphone jack. While they weren't the first phones to make that leap, it seemed like Apple, HTC and other heavyweights were all too eager to follow suit. However, we have good news: it looks like Moto, at least, is bringing the 3.5mm port back. OnLeaks and Android Authority claim to have leaked 3D renders of the Moto Z2 Force, and -- surprise, surprise -- the headphone jack has returned. It's not certain that a standard, not-so-shatterproof Moto Z2 would get the connector (assuming that phone exists), but this is bound to be relieving if the previous Force's lack of ports was a deal breaker. There's more to the story, too.

To start, well-known leaker Evan Blass understands that the Z2 Force won't be a Verizon exclusive like its predecessor. It'll reportedly be available on T-Mobile as well, while Android Authority hears that Sprint has its own version. That's a big relief if you're tired of sticking to Big Red just to get the most advanced Moto phone in the US.

As for the design? You'll still see a 5.5-inch display and the Z series' signature modular back, but the new Force is reportedly thinner at just under 0.24 inches (versus 0.28in for the original) while borrowing some styling cues from the Moto G5. You'd also get a dual camera system like so many other high-end phones, and a Snapdragon 835 chip should keep things speedy. About the only mysteries are the Z2 Force's release date and price. We'd expect the Z2 Force to carry a premium like its ancestor did, but whether or not it's a compelling handset depends on when you can buy it -- those specs won't be so compelling if you have to wait until late in the year.