'Star Wars: Episode IX' ends the trilogy on May 24th, 2019

Disney and Lucasfilm still want 'Star Wars' to be a summer blockbuster.

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Modern Star Wars movies have had a bad habit of slipping into December, but that isn't stopping Disney and Lucasfilm from wanting the space epic to become a summer blockbuster once again. The two have announced that Star Wars: Episode IX will debut on May 24th, 2019 -- just three and a half years after The Force Awakens first hit theaters. You might not want to base your schedule around that date knowing the history of previous delays, but it might come as a relief if you're tired of freezing in lineups for midnight showings.

As for details? There still aren't many. Right now, the only concrete facts are the director (Jurassic World's Colin Trevorrow) and that, despite rumors, the late Carrie Fisher won't make an appearance. The one certainty: given that Episode IX is the final movie in the current trilogy, it'll have to tie up whatever loose ends are left after The Last Jedi.

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