Google hopes new languages keep you from saying 'adios' to Allo

It now supports French and Spanish in addition to German, Hindi and Japanese.

Nate Ingraham

When Google released its Allo chat app late last year, the accompanying chatbot known as Google Assistant was only able to offer helpful advice and Smart Replies in English. Knowing full well that you can't have an international chat assistant without supporting multiple languages, Google eventually introduced support for German, Hindi and Japanese as well. Today, that repertoire grows even larger as Assistant in Allo now supports two of the most popular languages in the world: French and Spanish.

Seeing as Google Assistant is the main way that Allo is differentiating itself from the other messaging apps out there, the support of multiple languages is pretty important if only to get additional marketshare. Allo users can use the Google Assistant to search for information, come up with quick smart replies, offer emoji suggestions or look up what the weather will be like that day. In order for Google Assistant to work in a different language, simply say "Talk to me in [language]" or "Speak to me in [language]."

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Google finally added basic chat functions to Allo, like encrypted incognito mode in group chats, link previews and the ability to backup and restore your messages. Still, we're not sure if all of this will be enough to persuade folks to start using Allo over Hangouts. But at least now you can see if you can trick Google Assistant into offering "Me cago en la leche" as a Smart Reply.