WSJ: Bixby Voice won't debut on Galaxy S8 until late June

The digital assistant is apparently stumbling over English grammar and syntax.

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To hear Samsung's Galaxy S8 ad campaign tell it, the company's Bixby digital assistant was already fully featured and ready to go at the handset's launch. The reality is quite a bit different, however. Bixby Voice, the would-be competitor to Siri and Google Assistant apparently won't be available until late next month, somewhat narrowing the "later this spring" timeframe from April. Wall Street Journal reports that the cause for tardiness has to do with how the assistant comprehends English syntax and grammar. To be fair, that's a sore spot for pretty much every artificial intelligence system at the moment.

"Bixby Voice benefits from time to further enhance natural language understanding, and we are currently growing our user testing in the US to prepare for launch," the company told WSJ.

Last month, Google debuted updates to its own Assistant, including those that mimic or outright surpass Bixby's computer vision capabilities. We've reached out to Samsung for comment.

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