Verizon beefs up its prepaid plans' data allowance

However, all prepaid plans now limit video playback to 480p.

Verizon's prepaid plans will look a lot more enticing come June 6th: the mobile carrier has tweaked its current offerings, giving each tier a bigger data allowance. You'll now get 3GB of data instead of 2GB for $40 and 7GB instead of 5GB for $50. The 10GB tier will stay, but it will now cost you $60 rather than $70 -- makes sense, considering Big Red recently introduced an unlimited tier for $80. Like the new unlimited plan, though, these revamped options come with a downside. You won't be able to stream videos in their full glory and will be limited to 480p, no matter which tier you choose.

In addition, the company says it "may prioritize your data behind other customers" in case of network congestion. Not to mention, your speeds will be throttled to 128kbps once you've used up your data allowance for the month, unless you're on the unlimited plan. (The good news is that if you still have some unused data left by the end of a billing period, it will carry over.)

If those "gotchas" don't faze you one bit, you can use any Verizon-compatible smartphone with the plans, including top-of-the-line choices like the latest iPhone and the Galaxy S8. The company is also giving away a $100 store credit if you sign up, but only for a limited time.