Dabble in the murderous world of 'Hitman' for free

If you dig the episode, the game's first season has been deeply discounted.

Since it was announced that publisher Square Enix was selling off Hitman developer IO Interactive, the studio's fate has been uncertain. With last week's news that IO bought the Hitman license, things have been looking up, though. And now, in an effort to get more people playing (and purchasing) its fantastic back-to-basics reboot of the long-running stealth franchise, the newly independent studio is giving it away. Well, a portion of the murderous puzzle game, at least. Specifically, Hitman's the ICA Facility section of the first episode is available for free on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This isn't a bare-bones demo version of the map. All cutscenes are present and accounted for, there are two story-driven missions, some 40 challenges and you have access to the player-created missions from Contracts mode. More than that, all your progress will carry over to the full version of the game should you decide to buy it.

And speaking of which, the full game has been deeply discounted across all platforms. On Steam it's been marked down from $60 to $23.73 for the first season bundle, while folks on PlayStation 4 and Xbox can pick it up for $41.99 and $24, respectively.