YouTube’s mobile app will adjust to display videos of any size

A new update will roll out in the coming weeks that includes dynamic video resizing.

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Rob LeFebvre
June 23rd, 2017
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YouTube is having a pretty busy week. The Google-owned video site announced six new shows for its new Red Originals program, its YouTube TV initiative expands to ten new metropolitan markets in the US and its new VR180 technology aims to change the way you watch your videos both in and out of VR. IN addition to all that, YouTube is sprucing up its apps to try and give you a better video watching experience, with a mobile app update that will dynamically adapt to whatever size and ratio you're watching in. The team at Vidcon also reminded us that the updated desktop app, previewed last month, has a new look on the way, as well.

The YouTube mobile app will soon change the way it presents your videos, dynamically fitting them to the screen you're on no matter what format they were shot in: mobile phone, DSLR, square, 4:3 or 16:9 videos will now fit better on your mobile devices. The update should start to roll out in the coming weeks.

The desktop version of YouTube has a cleaner design that puts video front and center and gives you a new Dark Theme for a more cinematic look. The team is still working on the new design, but you can check out the new look in your browser by going to, then get back to the current design by selecting "restore classic YouTube" from your Account menu.

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