Twitter to stream live coverage of Wimbledon and Comic-Con

The tennis tournament starts Monday, July 3rd.

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Clive Brunskill via Getty Images
Clive Brunskill via Getty Images

Twitter's livestreaming efforts have been well documented, and today we have news that the microblogging service is expanding it further. Variety writes that next month Twitter will broadcast the opening preview night from San Diego Comic-Con as part of a deal with entertainment publication IGN -- much like what the pair did with E3 earlier this month.

Beyond geek coverage, Twitter will also stream Wimbledon coverage again. This time it's a partnership with The All England Club rather than ESPN, as TechCrunch reports. Except instead of live matches, it sounds like you'll see highlight reels and interviews instead. So much for not needing access to ESPN to watch top-level tennis. The tournament started June 25th and runs to July 16th.

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