Spotify's new series tackles topics like immigration and equality

'I'm with the banned' features original music, videos and a documentary.

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Spotify's new series tackles topics like immigration and equality

Spotify's foray into original content began in 2016, with a documentary about the young days of legendary rock band Metallica, followed by a video series on Green Day earlier this year. Now the streaming service is getting ready to launch "I'm with the banned," an in-house initiative that will feature music, videos and a documentary inspired by issues like immigration and LBGTQ equality. The original series brings together artists such as Desiigner, Pusha T, K.Flay and X Ambassadors on six new pieces of music, all created with help from singers, songwriters and producers who are affected by Trump's controversial travel ban.

You can check out tracks and watch videos from "I'm with the banned" starting today on Spotify. The company says listeners and viewers will be directed to the I Am An Immigrant site, a campaign that focuses on celebrating the contributions of immigrants who live in the US.

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