Microsoft borrows from Xbox and PCs to improve enterprise services

As it continues to change, the company adds Insider Preview to Windows Server.

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Microsoft is taking inspiration from its Xbox and desktop beta tests, and bringing faster updates to its (admittedly tamer) Windows Server arm. Starting later this year, the company plans to deliver two rounds of updates each year, one in spring and one in fall, for Server customers. It's started things off with a new Insider Preview for Windows Server -- just like Microsoft does with other services. It has been planning a beta program for a while, and this should bring some of its enterprise offerings closer to the faster (and yeah, we know, more interesting) Xbox and Windows 10 desktop updates.

Insider Preview, which launches today, should mean faster updates to help keep its business services on top of customer demands. It's also another sign of the company, gradually, contorting itself into a service company. It recently announced Microsoft 365, which combined Windows 10, Office 365 and the company's Enterprise software into a convenient all-in-one business bundle, and an easier (?) sell to IT departments.

The next phase, however, will depend on its Server users, according to Microsoft -- which is pointing users to its Insider program for both early access and more influence on future updates.

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