Google Play wants to help users find apps with curated lists

New editorial pages will feature apps selected by editors and grouped by theme.

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With so many new apps constantly hitting the market, it can be really difficult for users to find what they want and for developers to get their product noticed. To help solve that problem, Google Play has added a new feature to its Editors' Choice section — editorial pages that compile selections of apps, hand-picked by Google Play editors. These pages will highlight apps that offer the best experiences on Android, which will be grouped by themes like fitness, video calling and puzzle games. And the selections will come with descriptions as to why the editors liked them.

The move towards curation is something Apple has adopted as well. Its App Store redesign includes curated and personalized selections of apps, blog posts and lists, all of which are meant to help users find apps they actually want. And to help developers, description pages were tweaked to allow for longer, more blog-like notes.

Google Play's new editorial pages are up today in the US as well as Australia, Canada, the UK, Japan and South Korea and will be made available in other countries soon.

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