LastPass Premium now costs twice as much

But it’s still cheaper than many of its competitors.

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LastPass announced a restructuring of its plan pricing and packaging today and the cost of its premium tier is doubling to $24 per year. Some features are also being taken away from the free plan. Those include unlimited sharing and emergency access, both of which are now only available to LastPass Premium and Families subscribers.

At $2 per month, LastPass is still cheaper than many of its competitors. Dashlane costs over $3 per month for its premium tier and 1Password's individual plan is right at $3 each month. But LastPass has had some security issues in the past including bugs affecting Firefox and Chrome and one that could allow passwords to be stolen.

As The Verge reports, many LastPass customers aren't too happy with the price hike and are letting the company know via the Facebook post announcing the changes. The company has said on Facebook, "The updated pricing reflects our investment in new features and line up to make our product an industry-leading password manager." Hopefully those investments mean better security for the customers who are now paying twice as much.

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