Take your own Street View images with Ricoh’s latest camera

The 360-degree camera shoots 4K video, too.

Ricoh Theta's newest 360-degree single-shot camera model comes with a bunch of cool new features, including 4K video capture, spatial audio recording and live streaming. The Theta V, which is the first Street View mobile-ready camera to be certified by Google, also uses high-spec photography technology originally developed for top-of-the-range Pentax DSLRs, which means you can expect eye-wateringly high-quality images. And you can get them where they need to be quickly, too, as the camera's new high-speed data transfer is 2.5 times faster than previous Theta models. The camera can be connected to and controlled by any Android or iOS-based device using the Theta S app.

A really interesting addition, however, is that users can now create new functions for the camera via software plug-ins. One example -- already developed and integrated into the device by Ricoh -- enables the world's first wireless remote playback in a 360-degree camera. So the device effectively operates as a remote control (and its slim design means it doesn't look to dissimilar to one, either). The camera is also getting two accessories: a 3D microphone, designed for shooting music performances or for use outdoors; and an underwater case (coming in October) which will allow the camera to be used at depths of up to 100ft. It's available now for $430.

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