Play 'Super Mario Odyssey' in style with this themed Switch bundle

Save the princess with Mario-red Joy-cons and an 'Odyssey' themed carrying case.

If you've been waiting for the next mainline Mario game to pick up a Switch, Nintendo has a bundle just for you. Today during its Nintendo Direct stream, the company announced a Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch bundle, complete with Red joy-cons styled after the mascot's hat, a red carrying case bearing the game's logo and a full digital copy of the game.

The Switch console itself doesn't seem to have a special design -- apart from the red controllers -- but for new buyers looking for everything they need to enjoy Odyssey on the go, it doesn't seem like a bad deal. For $379.99, buyers will get the $300 console, a $60 game and an exclusive case with the leftover $20. If you were planning to buy the console to play Mario's new adventure anyway, this could be a decent option. The new bundle will be available on October 27th, the same day Super Mario Odyssey hits stores.