Google unwraps 19 past Doodle games for its 19th birthday

Play Pac-Man, Snake, tic-tac-toe, and more.

Google is no stranger to celebrations. In the past, the festivities have brought new features for Google Photos, and Google Earth, and a montage (with a Rickrolling twist) for YouTube's tenth anniversary. Today, the party is coming to its Doodle. To mark 19 years of company history, the latest Google Doodle packs 19 surprises from the past. You'll be able to play a bunch of games, including tic-tac-toe, piñata, and cricket. And access awesome interactive Doodles from the archives, including the lauded DJ and music composition tools launched earlier this year. There's even a Snake easter egg lurking in the mix, which offers a colorful take on the mobile gaming classic that's every bit as addictive. Simply spin the wheel to start playing. And, if you don't like the result, spin again.

Before you know it, you'll have whiled away the minutes, and hours. And that's just from sampling a fraction of the treats. Best of all, Pac-Man is also making his return. Back when the game originally landed on the Google home page in 2010, it was an instant success -- squeezing 4.82 million hours of play from procrastinators worldwide. Since then, it's been made a permanent fixture in the Doodles library. Of course, you'd have had to gone looking to find it in the past. Now, it's back front and center for your gaming pleasure. And, if you're afraid you'll get caught playing on your computer, just head to on your mobile.