Roku’s new UK players include an £80 4K streaming stick

There's also the basic £30 Roku Express.

Roku is a big name in home entertainment kit, but the UK market hasn't exactly been the company's top priority. In fact, aside from a regional mobile app update earlier this year, the last we heard from Roku was back in 2015, when the upgraded Roku 2 player was released over here. Earlier this month, the company launched a five-strong range of new players in the US, but it's decided Americans aren't to have all the fun. Two of those devices are hitting UK shores on October 18th, including the £80 Streaming Stick+, which boasts support for 4K and HDR streaming at up to 60 fps.

As well as playing nice with the latest standards, the Streaming Stick+ comes with a fancy remote you can bark voice commands and search criteria into -- so, a bit like Amazon's £40 Fire TV Stick and Alexa remote, but with more Ultra HD.

If you've no 4K TV sitting in your living room, then the more basic £30 Roku Express (pictured above) is probably all you need. It outputs at a maximum of 1080p, but otherwise has access to all the apps and channels every Roku player does. Finally, something to fill the hole in our hearts Sky carved out when it purged sideloaded apps from Now TV players.