Twitch's new channels are all about funny viral clips

The platform isn't just about video game streams anymore.

AOL/Timothy Seppala

Twitch is becoming more and more well-rounded with every announcement. It hosted various marathons just this year, including Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and Carl Sagan's Cosmos. In another bid to break free from its established image as a streaming platform for games, Twitch has announced two new funny channels you can watch: FailArmy and The Pet Collective. FailArmy publishes viral clips submitted by its millions of fans, while The Pet Collective publishes trending animal videos. You might know one or both of them from their other homes online, but if Twitch is your platform of choice, then you no longer have to venture to YouTube to watch their new uploads.

Twitch Director of Business Development Jane Weedon explained why the company decided to form a partnership with the shows' creators:

"The meteoric rise of IRL vlogging category on Twitch is a clear sign that our community loves commentating on everyday activities. We have also witnessed the appeal of shared experiences when it comes to watching programmatic TV marathons together. FailArmy has the top collection of IRL viral clips from all over the world and The Pet Collective is representative of the Internet's love for cute animals. Bringing their programming to Twitch breathes new life into the content by adding commentary from viewers, while tapping into their love of collective viewing."

Both FailArmy's and The Pet Collective's channels are now live. The former will also debut a "Fails of the Week" series exclusively for Twitch later today, October 12th, at around 4:53PM ET.