'GTA Online' transforming vehicle races start today

Planes, jet skis and automobiles. No trains though. Yet.

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Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games

There are plenty of new racing games to choose from this fall (Forza 7, GT Sport, Project Cars 2 and Need for Speed: Payback), but none of them will let you change vehicles mid-race. Nor are they anywhere near as crazy as what Rockstar Games has been doing with GTA Online. Today marks the debut of Transform Races, which as the name suggests, has you swapping from plane to jet ski, to stunt car to bicycles all in the course of a single circuit, and in real-time. Simply drive through a waypoint in a stunt race and your vehicle will change instantaneously and appropriately for the section ahead.

All said, there are 15 of these races, and to celebrate Rockstar is offering double earnings and reputation (experience points) through October 26th. Need more races than that? Rockstar teases that those will be coming later this fall, as is the ability to make your own in Online's race creator. Transform Races are available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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