Recommended Reading: Is 'Stranger Things' really that popular?

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Billy Steele
B. Steele|10.28.17

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In Netflix's Upside Down Reality, 'Stranger Things' Is a Hit Before It Even Premieres
Victor Luckerson,
The Ringer

The excitement around Stranger Things season 2 has been building for months. We've seen soundtracks, merchandise and all kinds of promo tie-ins with other companies along the way. As the show returns this week, the buzz is already so high that reviews probably won't even matter -- people will binge it anyway. It also helps that the first season was both really good and seemed to be really popular, despite the company not releasing any numbers. The Ringer takes a look at how Netflix creates the feeling of must-see TV even though we might not ever find out how popular its shows really are.

When the Facebook Traffic Goes Away
Alexis C. Madrigal, The Atlantic

A Facebook test in a handful of countries placed posts from news outlets and publishers in a second feed. In places there the site is a key link to current headlines and events, a change in policy could cause major issues.

When Government Fails, Social Media Is the New 911
Maya Averbuch, Backchannel

In the immediate aftermath of disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes, social media can be a lifeline to those in desperate need of help.

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