Xbox One X will support 1440p monitors

There will be no drop in picture quality for 1440p displays.

With less than a week to go until its release, more details are emerging about the Xbox One X. We've known all along that Microsoft's all-powerful console would output at native 4K on a 4K TV or display. And, if a 1080p screen was connected it would supersample games -- rendering them at a higher resolution before dropping them back down to 1080p. But, what about all the gamers with 1440p monitors? If you thought your display would end up with the same scaled-down image, you're wrong. According to Xbox group program manager Kevin Gammill, the console will output to native 1440p on a supported monitor. So, you can stop fretting about the picture getting upscaled from 1080p.

Since its unveiling in June, Microsoft has been dropping tidbits about its meaty gaming machine at regular intervals. Aside from all the games getting 4K upgrades, we've learned that (along with the Xbox One) the console packs tech that will be a boon for hard drive space. And, there was the fun discovery that a Master Chief is lurking within it. There's also the chance that we'll hear even more info (including news of actual exclusive titles) over the coming months.