Amazon's Silk web browser is now on Fire TV devices

Browse and search the web on your big TV.

Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

If you've been looking for a way to browse the web on your Amazon Fire TV, now's the time. The company has just released its Silk Browser for its media gadgets, making it compatible with the first and second generation Fire TVs, the second generation Fire TV Stick and the various smart televisions with Fire TV Edition built in.

According to AFTVNews, Amazon has been working on the browser since last March, and a beta version was leaked this past June. The site also notes that the Silk browser is not able to be installed on any third generation Fire TVs, as they run a newer version of Amazon's Fire OS and the Silk browser may be incompatible with it. Silk works like pretty much any other browser, though you'll use the Fire TV Remote to search, enter URLs and play videos. You can also use your voice to dictate, much like Apple TV's implementation of Siri, though AFTVNews says it doesn't work well on the Fire TV. The bookmarks page includes "trending on the web" sites, too, though it's unclear where that data is pulled from.