Android Wear's Oreo upgrade is ready

Additions include battery saving enhancements and vibration strength settings.

Google has been doling out Oreo treats to a bunch of devices of late. The HTC U11 got the bump last week, followed by Android 8.1 landing on Nexus and Pixel devices. Now, it's Android Wear's turn. After all, there's nothing like a software upgrade to assure skeptics that you're still serious about wearables. (You can blame the scare on Google's abrupt removal of Android Wear hardware from its online store). A developer advocate in the big G's Android Wear community on Google+ announced Oreo's roll out, "starting today." But, as with handsets, "timing is determined by each watch's manufacturer." The update has been spotted on the LG Watch Sport, notes Android Police.

Unlike Android Wear 2.0., Oreo doesn't mark any big shifts on the design or functionality fronts. There are tweaks galore, though, including vibration strength settings for notifications, touch lock, and battery-saving enhancements.

Google adds that Android Wear is now available in seven additional regions and several new languages, including Belgium (Dutch), Czech Republic (Czech), El Salvador (Spanish), Honduras (Spanish), Nigeria (English), Paraguay (Spanish), and Portugal (Portuguese).