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Facebook's friend-based Recommendations come to the UK

Want to know the best coffee shop nearby? Now it's easier to ask your friends.

We've all been there. It's late and you're wandering around town, aimlessly looking for a place to grab dinner. Where do you turn for suggestions? Foursquare? Google? Maybe Facebook? The social network is a popular choice, given you know the people who will be commenting on your post (and therefore trust their advice). Now, the company is making it easier to crowdsource information with a new Recommendations tool. Write a status update and Facebook will "convert" it automatically, giving your friends a chance to chime in. All of their comments will be saved in a simple list, with a complimentary map to show you how close they are.

The useful feature was launched in the US last October, but now it's available in the UK too. A recommendations bookmark is also available on the web, should you prefer writing questions on your laptop or PC.

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