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T-Mobile upgrades its One plan to counter Verizon

HD video and LTE tethering are now part of the standard service.
Richard Levine/Corbis via Getty Images

There's no mistaking it: Verizon's decision to resurrect its unlimited data plan was a shot across T-Mobile's bow. And to no one's surprise, the magenta-hued network is responding in kind. As of February 17th, T-Mobile is upgrading its standard One plan to include HD video streaming and 10GB of LTE hotspot tethering. You no longer have to spring for a pricey add-on just to watch Netflix at high quality. To sweeten the pot, the carrier is also running a promo that gives you two lines for $100.

Unless there are any gotchas, this gives T-Mobile an edge once again. Although the features are comparable, T-Mobile's pricing includes fees and taxes. You may well save more than the price tag suggests, including with the two-line offer (Verizon asks for roughly $150 after taxes). And whichever carrier you prefer, the One upgrade good news -- it's proof that real wireless competition can improve your service without raising prices.

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