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Android 'Taste Test' helps you make a personalized home screen

It takes the complexity out of customizing Google's phone interface.

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If you're an Android fan, there's a good chance you already know how to customize your home screen with launchers, icon packs and widgets. But what about everyday users? That's where Google wants to help. It just launched a #myAndroid Taste Test that devises a personalized home screen based on a series of rapid-fire questions, such as whether you prefer a natural or human-made look, or your overall skill level. Once you've finished, you get download links to all the apps you need to create the intended effect, such as wallpaper utilities and keyboards.

Sadly, it's not a tap-and-you're-done affair. You'll still have to go through each app to get the exact design you see when you've completed the test. However, this could still be particularly helpful, whether or not you're an Android rookie. It'll save you from having to search for apps if you're a veteran, and could reveal a whole new side to the platform if you're a newcomer. That last part is the point, really -- Google wants to highlight Android's personalization for everyday users who might not realize what their phone can do.

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