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Meet the first fighters of Nintendo's newest franchise, 'Arms'

Get ready to box your springy-armed heart out.
David Lumb, @OutOnALumb
03.21.17 in AV

The Switch blew us away when it launched earlier this month, but our enthusiasm for the console's possibilities has been tempered by its seriously limited game library. Lucky for you fighting game fans, brand-new 3D brawler Arms is coming to the console this spring. Nintendo dropped a pair of videos teasing a few characters and mechanics from the upcoming title, which looks about as gleefully competitive and bizarre as you'd expect a first-party Switch game to be.

Brand-new IP Arms is a one-versus-one 3D fighting game that softens the genre's violence with spring-limbed punches and eccentric, colorful designs. The first five characters in its lineup fit its elastic theme: Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Master Mummy and Mechanica. Each has their perks and drawbacks.

The second video teases a few equippable power-ups that augment your fighter's punches with various effects. Boomerang gives a wide arc to your swings to circumvent obstacles, Sparky adds a zap to your punch and Revolver lets you throw three in a row. Clearly, Arms aims to be a lighter take on the fighting genre than the spine-shattering Mortal Kombat or the super serious Tekken. But what else would you expect from a company that lets you duel your friends in udder-milking?

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