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Legacy ports on a MacBook Pro will cost you $1,999

The old 13-inch model with USB and HDMI is no more.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images

Give our regards to anyone still clutching a four-pin USB cable out there: Apple is slowly winnowing down its MacBook Pro line and eliminating the remaining machines built with anything other than USB-C Thunderbolt ports. After Monday's WWDC 2017 keynote, the low-end 13-inch, non-TouchBar MacBook disappeared from the Apple Store. That leaves the aging MacBook Air and the $1,999 previous-generation 15-inch MacBook Pro as the only Apple notebooks that won't need a dongle to charge your iPhone.

If you're willing to keep your machine plugged in, on the other hand, Apple's most powerful computer yet actually comes with four USB 3 ports, four USB-C/Thunderbolt ports and a 10-gigabit hardline ethernet jack for all of your various peripheral and backward-compatible gear needs. It will not, however, fit in your laptop bag.

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