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Nike will also sell sneakers on Instagram

You might soon be able to shop for Nike products from your IG feed.
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Turns out Nike will soon start selling sneakers and other sporting goods not only on Amazon, but also on Instagram. Nike CEO Mark Parker has revealed during the brand's Q4 earnings call that the company will sell goods directly on both platforms, though he hasn't shared the full details of either partnership. We know that it's making a limited assortment of items available on Amazon in order to fight the distribution of counterfeit items, but that's pretty much it. By making its products officially available on Instagram, Nike is likely hoping to connect with younger buyers who tend to spend hours browsing the app.

Based on what we know about Instagram's plans of expanding beyond photo-sharing, Nike might have joined the list of companies that can use the app's "shopping tags" launched back in 2016. When you tap on an ad posted by a brand that can take advantage of the feature, the tags pop up with the descriptions and prices of the items in the advertisement. Some tags may even send you straight to the company's website or app to complete the checkout process. If that's the case, you'll soon be able to shop straight from Nike's feed -- you may want to keep those credit cards out of reach if you really just want to window shop.

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