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GM is renting cars to Uber drivers in Australia

Maven Gig has arrived in Sydney for those who'd like to earn money as an Uber driver.

GM is expanding the presence of its Zipcar-style service Maven in Australia. The company has begun testing Maven Gig in Sydney through a pilot program with Uber a few months after it started trialing the main Maven service in Melbourne. Unlike the primary service itself that offers the general public vehicles for rent, Maven Gig was designed to rent out GM cars to people doing freelance gigs, such as driving for ride-hailing companies and package, food or grocery delivery. For now, the automaker is focusing on entering leasing agreements with those who'd like to make money on the side driving for Uber.

Before the pilot started, Maven Gig was only available in San Diego, though it's slated to be launched in San Francisco and Los Angeles in late 2017. GM's Australian division didn't tell Reuters how much its vehicles would cost customers. But in the US, renting a Chevy Bolt from the Gig program would cost an Uber driver $229 for a week.

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