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Recommended Reading: Trent Reznor on Beats, Apple Music and more

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Billy Steele
07.29.17 in Internet

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Getty Images for FYF

In Conversation:
Trent Reznor

David Marchese,

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor helped craft Beats Music, the streaming service that would eventually become Apple Music after the tech giant purchased the popular headphone brand. On the heels of NIN's most recent EP release, Add Violence, the musician sat down with Vulture to chat about a range of topics. Among other things, Reznor talks Beats, Apple Music, streaming, his new music and lessons learned.

Fascinating Algorithm: Dan Tepfer's Player Piano Is His Composing Partner
Nate Chinen, NPR

This short piece from NPR offers a quick look at jazz musician and composer Dan Tepfer, with work including improvisational algorithms.

Meet Mia Ash, the Fake Woman Iranian Hackers Used to Lure Victims
Andy Greenberg, Wired

The story of how Iranian hackers created the persona of a 30-year-old British woman for the sole purpose of espionage and data destruction.

The Future of Police Robots Began Last Year -- Where Is It Now?
Kate Knibbs, The Ringer

A year has passed since Dallas Police used a robot in a sniper situation and The Ringer offers a look at what has happened since.

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