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'Scape' mode in 'GT Sport' is basically Lightroom in a racing game

The amount of customization takes this beyond simplistic photo modes.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Even if you're garbage at racing games, this fall's GT Sport has a lot to offer beyond absurdly detailed cars. Case in point: "Scape," the game's insanely deep photo mode. More than just freeze-framing the action during a race, Scape will let you drop any of those ridiculously detailed cars into some 1,000 backdrops and then use DSLR-equivalent adjustments like shutter speed and aperture to get your photo just the way you want it.

That's just the beginning. From there, you can adjust all manner of aspects of the photo with what basically amounts to an in-game version of Adobe's Lightroom photo editing suite. There are numerous filters on offer, options for adjusting vignettes, distorting the camera lens, adding film grain and even sliders for individual color tone correction among myriad other choices. By comparison, the photo mode in Microsoft's Forza series looks even more shallow than it was prior.

Naturally, you'll be able to upload these photos to Facebook and Twitter using the PlayStation 4 controller's dedicated Share button. If you thought Horizon: Zero Dawn's or Uncharted 4's respective photo modes were awesome, maybe you should check out GT Sport when it's released on October 17th, exclusively for PS4.

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