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Meet Jon Hamm's latest character in AR before the movie debuts

Hamm's character is digitally recreated in 'Marjorie Prime.'
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
08.16.17 in AV
Rob LeFebvre/Engadget

Jon Hamm and Lois Smith take on the future of personal assistants in Marjorie Prime, a movie set to release on August 18th. Co-starring Tim Robbins and Geena Davis, the film explores Marjorie's failing memory of her late husband, Walter, with a digitally recreated 40-year old version of him. Now you, too, can meet Walter as a hologram before the movie debuts via iOS or Android and developer 8i's Holo app.

You can add Jon Hamm's Walter to the Holo augmented reality app and then place the dapper little guy anywhere you want to aim your camera. As with the other "holograms" that come with Hol, you can move him around on your phone's screen and even rotate them, thanks to the full volume 3D capture technology. Each of the figures in the Holo app, including Hamm's Walter, move and speak, too; you can make your own little video with them right in the app. Movie tie-ins with VR and AR aren't anything new, of course, with movies like Dunkirk, Blade Runner 2049 and Spider-Man: Homecoming (which also had its own Holo entry) all getting the modern technology equivalent of a toy off of a kids' menu.

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