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AT&T offers new DirecTV Now customers a free Apple TV, again

Shell out for three months of streams, and the set-top box is yours.

AT&T's offered plenty of goodies to entice customers into subscribing to DirecTV Now in the past. But, if a year's worth of HBO or a free Roku box wasn't enough to lure you in, maybe you'll take a liking to the carrier's latest deal. As of Wednesday, new customers who purchase the streaming service will get an Apple TV set-top box, completely free of charge. Those of you with a good memory (and a fondness for freebies) will recall the offer, which came bundled with DirectTV Now upon its launch last year.

As in the past, the deal is only available to customers willing to pre-pay for three months of service. However, this time round there's a catch: The offer is not available online, or via the DirecTV Now app. Instead, the best bet for those of you who don't like exercise is to grab it by calling the carrier. Or, you can trek to an AT&T retail store.

The cheapest DirecTV Now package will set you back $35 per month (for that you get more than 60 live and on-demand channels). Multiply that by three (for the pre-pay), and your grand total comes to $105. Therefore, even if you decide to cancel, you'll still save $44 on the price of an Apple TV (which costs $149).

There's not much else of note in the small print, but you can take a gander at the full details on AT&T's website. If you're still on the fence about the streaming service, you should know that it's about to get a major revamp. New features in the pipeline include cloud DVR and an overhauled interface. It's also adding more channels to its growing line-up, including CBS, Showtime, and The CW.

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