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Preorder AIAIAI's wireless upgrade for its modular headphones

The $125 H05 headband gives your TMA-2 cans Bluetooth capability.
Steve Dent, @stevetdent
09.29.17 in AV

In 2015, AIAIAI introduced its TMA-2 modular system that lets you configure your headphones with on- or over-ear cans, different drivers, cables and other options. Perhaps the most useful option was the H05 Bluetooth band that let you go cable-free, first unveiled for a Kickstarter campaign late in 2016. That option is now on pre-order for all at $125 (£120) with delivery expected in three to four weeks.

If you invested in the TMA-2 system, all you need to do is swap whatever headphones you have over to the H05 band, and hey presto, instant Bluetooth. To accommodate the wireless option, the band is quite a bit thicker than the wired models, but not excessively so.

The H05 band has an integrated microphone, delivers Bluetooth AptX HD audio, offers 16 hours of battery life and recharges over USB-C in about two hours. While $125 is double the Kickstarter price, it's still a relative bargain for good-quality Bluetooth headphones and gives TMA-2 buyers the choice of wired and wireless cans (the H05 also supports a wired connection without changing the band). You can place your order here, and as mentioned, expect delivery in three to four weeks.

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