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Snapchat will be optimized for the Google Pixelbook

The smartphone app will be optimized for Google's newest laptop's 12.3-inch screen.

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Get ready to see your snaps on a much bigger screen. Google just announced that it's working with Snap to bring a version of the popular messaging app to its newly announced Pixelbook. Snapchat for the Pixelbook will be optimized for the laptop's 12.3-inch quad HD display, so you won't have to squint to see a tiny rectangle on your screen. Details are scant on what the integration will look like just yet, but the new notebook will be available in stores on October 31st starting at $999.

In addition to the larger screen, you'll also have to use the Pixelbook's webcam for Snaps from your laptop. That is, at least, if the app will allow uploads from your desktop. Technically, because the Pixelbook runs Chrome OS, Snapchat is already available as an Android app. But a version designed for a larger screen could not only look different but also potentially pack extra functionality. No word yet on when this version of Snapchat will roll out, though, so until then, you're still stuck with the app as it exists now.

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