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Image credit: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

CBS might turn ‘Entertainment Tonight’ into its own streaming service

Would be its fourth after All Access, CBSN and its forthcoming CBS Sports.
Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

CBS has been getting more bold with its streaming offerings, notably putting Star Trek Discovery exclusively on its All Access platform. But it seems the network is considering another standalone services to add to its portfolio. Today, CBS Corp CEO Leslie Moonves said that the company is thinking about launching one next year based on its long-running show Entertainment Tonight.

"We've talked about next year launching a 24-hour entertainment news service based on our show 'ET,'" Moonves said today during Variety's Innovate Summit. But the CEO didn't elaborate further about the potential streaming service. Should it become a reality, it would be CBS Corp's fourth such service following Access, the ad-supported online news platform CBSN and upcoming streaming sports channel slated to come out this year.

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