FCC Chairman Ajit Pai cancels appearance at CES

It might have something to do with a massively unpopular policy.

If you were hoping FCC Chairman Ajit Pai would answer for some of his policy decisions with his presence at CES... well, you'll be disappointed. The Consumer Technology Association has issued a brief statement saying that Pai is "unable to attend" CES 2018, where he was slated to participate in a "candid conversation" on January 9th. There's no reason given, and neither the CTA nor the FCC is willing to comment. Needless to say, it's odd to cancel at the last minute with no explanation.

While it's possible that this could be related to personal matters or scheduling, it's easy to see at least one other reason. His crusade to kill net neutrality has been widely opposed by both the tech industry and the public, and he plowed forward with the plan despite ample evidence of comment fraud. Simply put, he spent the past several months antagonizing a large part of his potential CES audience. It's safe to say he wasn't about to be welcomed with open arms.

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