Mymanu Clik+ offers real-time translation in 37 languages

These truly-wireless headphones join Google and Bragi in the real-time translation game.

Mymanu's Clik+ headphones come with a big promise: live translation between 37 languages. We saw something similar recently from Google and Bragi, but both of those operate as a middleman, serving up audio with an app doing the heavy lifting. Let's be clear: Mymanu also uses an app for translation, but the Click is designed to bring us one step closer to the app-free translation device we really want.

Prototypes of the Clik have been around for a while, but here at CES we were able to finally test it ourselves. After a successful Indiegogo campaign last fall, the headset is poised to go into production, with an expected delivery date of March this year.

When we asked how the translation worked, we were told that it's a combination of the app, the cloud, and when Clik is involved (the app is available on its own), there is a processor inside that improves the experience. We tested the service with one of our Chinese speaking editors, and she claims the translation from English to Chinese was very accurate. Going from Chinese to English was still functional, but less accurate (possibly in part due to a noisy show floor and crawling WiFi).

During our demo, we needed two phones and the headset to have a two-way conversation, though Mymanu tells us that on release, you'll only need the headset and your phone, so talking with people won't require them to do anything other than listen to the output of your phone. Group conversations will also be possible between multiple users.

Beyond the language features, Clik is also a regular pair of headphones. Much like Bragi, the Clik buds use NFMI to connect to each other, which offers a more reliable link than Bluetooth. In our brief demo, the audio quality seemed promising, with punchy bass notes and clear mid- and high frequencies, though we'd want to give them a much more thorough test before settling on a verdict.

Mymanu is confident it can meet its March deadline, so if you're interested you might want to think about ordering a set now. Currently, the Clik can be had for $239 on pre-order, with the price rising to $300 once it hits shelves. For the cash, you'll get a charging case, which can also charge your phone. The buds themselves should offer about six hours of use between charges.

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