Hulu's latest exclusive is an indie-horror anthology series

The episodes will debut once a month starting in October.

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Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Recently, Hulu's efforts to bolster its stable of exclusive programming (original and otherwise) has been in high gear. That trend continues with an as-of-now untitled horror anthology series from the macabre-centric Blumhouse Productions according to Variety. Rather than release an episode a week or all at once, they'll be released once a month for 12 months, starting this October. From the sounds of it, Hulu might be interested in targeting horror fans beyond this series.

This month alone, Hulu has picked up streaming rights to Lost and announced it'll stream old episodes of classic cartoon Animaniacs in addition to producing new ones. The streaming service also picked up a Golden Globe for its original show The Handmaid's Tale. In its quest to pick up more subscribers, Hulu will have to start appealing to a wider base. Horror fans are plenty passionate, and if the right names are attached to this project, could help push Hulu beyond the current 17 million subscribers it currently enjoys.

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