Lyft's Baltimore deal turns bike sharing stops into pickup points

Hail a car when you're done pedaling.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Lyft

Uber isn't the only ridesharing outfit with an interest in bike sharing. Lyft has formed a partnership with Baltimore Bike Share that will launch hybrid pickup points and bike sharing hubs across the Maryland city. The aim, of course, is to help you switch transportation methods with a minimum of fuss. You could take just one Lyft trip downtown and pedal around for the rest of the day, or bike to a stop if you only occasionally need more than human-powered transport.

The first stop was unveiled at the Baltimore Visitor Center, while others will come to busy areas like Harbor East, Hopkins Place, the National Aquarium and the Shot Tower.

Lyft pitches this as part of its broader efforts to improve urban transportation by giving you multiple travel methods. Like Uber, though, there's a clear financial incentive for Lyft: this encourages you to ditch a personally owned car and use ridesharing whenever biking isn't enough.