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The Morning After: Netflix's new 'Lost in Space' trailer

And smart prescription glasses.

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Richard Lawler
February 22nd, 2018

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Do you really need your own PC? Today we're looking into personal cloud computing, the risky side of Spotify's rumored hardware plans and how AI can help make CGI fur more realistic.

With Parker Posey as Dr. Smith.Netflix's 'Lost in Space' reboot premieres April 13th

Netflix's Lost in Space remake has been a long, long time in coming (word broke of it back in 2015), but it's finally here... almost. The streaming service revealed its sci-fi show will debut on April 13th and offered a teaser trailer to whet your appetite.

How do you spell boondoggle?Spotify's hardware ambitions seem like a risky distraction

We can't be sure what Spotify is actually trying to build, but its search for employees is in line with what you'd expect from a company trying to make a smart speaker. Unfortunately, Chris Velazco would rather see the company invest in making its services better.

Do it for the culture.Amazon's answer to 'Altered Carbon' is Iain M. Banks' space opera

The retail giant announced it has acquired global television rights to Iain M. Banks' space opera series called The Culture. The first book in the series centers on a spy tasked with recovering an AI that has the ability to help win the war.

Someone had to do it.AI is making more realistic CG animal fur

UC researchers used a concept called subsurface scattering to see how light ricochets around and through translucent fur medullas. Now they've trained a neural network to do it and are working on a process for real-time rendering that could make animals in games just as fuzzy as they are in real life.

Very remote desktop.Shadow virtualizes a high-end gaming PC on your desktop clunker

You could buy a powerful PC to sit on your desk, but Blade is proposing you leave all that power in the cloud instead. With its new Shadow service, you pay a monthly fee to stream the experience of an NVIDIA- and Xeon-powered Windows 10 system to whatever device you happen to be using. With a year-long contract, the price is $35 per month, and then you can play games, update spreadsheets or just read email -- we won't judge.

Say goodbye to 'Tweetdecking' spam. Twitter's new rules prohibit bulk tweeting

Russian trolls and teens seeking social-media fame will need to find new tools.

The 'Find My Glasses' feature is the best part.Level's activity-tracking smart glasses launch this March

Think of VSP's Level less as a Glass successor and more like a Fitbit you wear on your face. These activity-tracker-embedded frames will go on sale in March for $270, excluding the price of lenses. Once they're on your face, they'll track steps, calories burned, distance and the total activity time, then sync the data to a phone via Bluetooth. You can also use it to connect with friends and find your misplaced frames with a Find My Glasses feature.

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