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The Morning After: This is the Samsung Galaxy S9

The world's biggest phone show kicks off in a big way

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Welcome back! We kicked off MWC 2018 in Barcelona, in style, with the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S9 -- and the S9 Plus. That's not all: There's a ridiculous Huawei laptop with a hidden webcam and Nokia's latest smartphone range as it continues to reinvent itself. You'll be able to find all things MWC right here.

The new flagship is a big bundle of small changes.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ hands-on: The devil is in the details

Getting to know the Galaxy S9 is like unwrapping a present you think you've already opened. On the surface, it looks familiar, but once you peel back the layers, you'll notice the contents are new. That's not to say the changes between the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S8 are insignificant. There's a ton of them, and you'll have to look carefully to spot them all, but when considered as a package, this update feels more incremental than monumental. We test it out.

The flagship gets a full redesign and some hardware improvements, too.
The Nokia 8 Sirocco edition is 95-percent glass

HMD brought a Nokia phone for all tastes to this year's MWC. Just as some people might want a retro feature phone or an entry-level smartphone, others want the best money can buy. HMD's latest offering to these flagship fiends is the Nokia 8 Sirocco, which is pitched as a special edition of the Nokia 8 that launched last summer. Make no mistake, this isn't merely the same phone in a new funky color. It sports a completely overhauled design consisting almost entirely of glass.

"Mr. Wizard, get me the hell out of here."
The Nokia 8110 Reloaded is HMD's latest retro feature phone

HMD Global undeniably stole MWC in 2017 with, of all things, a new feature phone. Flexing its newly-acquired license to the Nokia brand, the company put on a marketing masterclass by announcing a re-release of the iconic Nokia 3310. This year, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Here's the Nokia 8110 Reloaded, AKA the reinvented banana-phone.

It's a symptom of the VFX industry's problems.'Black Panther' is amazing. Why are its CG models so terrible?

Black Panther is a refreshing answer to the increasingly stale world of superhero cinema. But its use of CG models to replace humans during action sequences leaves an awful lot to be desired. You'd think in the year 2018, following the recent glut of comic-book films, visual effects (VFX) studios would have perfected the art of creating realistic CG humans. Instead, we appear to have peaked at Avatar in 2010. What gives?

The company's classy take on the MacBook has a weird home for your webcam.Huawei's MateBook X Pro crams a pop-up webcam into the keyboard

When Huawei unveiled its first true laptop barely a year ago, it was a slightly more useful MacBook lookalike. Borrowed looks aside, it offered some minor changes that alleviated common grievances, including the MacBook's solo USB-C port and its barely-there key travel. At MWC, Huawei introduced the new MateBook X Pro, and the company has decided to put the webcam somewhere it's never been before: hidden inside your keyboard.

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